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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Twin City

In the early part of 1879, The Rev. Henry A. Brown, the white pastor of the then Winston Baptist Church*, along with his deacons, assisted the Rev. George W. Holland and other African-American congregants in the organizing of the first African-American Baptist church in the city of Winston, First Baptist Church.

*In 1892, Winston Baptist Church (white), later known as Second Street Baptist Church, applied to the North Carolina General Assembly for a change in the name of their church. The name that they sought was "First Baptist Church". The legislature granted their request in 1893 and thus Winston had two First Baptist Churches, one white and one African American, the first of which was organized by African Americans at Sixth and Chestnut Streets in 1879.

-from "A Brief History of First Baptist Church"

First Baptist Church's current facility is located at 700 North Highland Avenue. They installed their tenth pastor, Rev. Darryl W. Aaron, last Sunday.

First Baptist Church
The other First Baptist Church
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