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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On sweets of long ago

candy counter, Brew Nerds, Fourth Street

My brother and I would jump on our bikes and pedal the four blocks to High's as soon as the money hit our hands. Our allowances weren't grand, but the freedom they gave us was delicious.

My brother almost always played Galaga first. I'd sometimes watch him and sometimes play Ms. Pacman, the other video game at High's, but truthfully, I wasn't very good. Even if I started my game after he started his, I finished before, so I'd usually squander only one quarter on games before turning to the candy bars.

My favorite candy was $100,000 Bar, which was the most decadent thing I'd ever tasted. If I'd somehow had false faith in my video game abilities and spent two quarters, I'd only have enough money to get a Lik-M Aid, whose tangy flavor powders I'd savor before eating what remained of the sugar sticks themselves. Sometimes my brother and I would pool our remaining cents to split a bag of Sugar Babies, but I was way too absorbed in my hedonistic delights to ever notice what else my brother bought.

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