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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Location, location, location

I get why some of the more avid Wake fans especially might enjoy the idea of planting their family tree in a property on campus. Really, I do*.

...but as someone who has occasionally forgotten appointments until just beforehand, whose children have at various points needed rather speedy medical attention, who frankly has just sometimes had an urgent need for a specific imported cheese, I have a question...

What does one do if one lives on Faculty Drive yet needs to leave quickly during gridlock, when Wake's campus is jammed bumper-to-bumper, backpack-to-backpack? Like move-in weekend, homecoming weekend, graduation weekend, any basketball weekend, any football weekend, et cetera, et cetera...

(The only solution I can come up with is that one hotfoots it out one's back door, trots down Old Town's golf course, skirting the clubhouse so as not to be seen, then hops fences and cuts through yards until one comes out on Maya Angelou's street, on which one has fortuitously stashed a moped for just such an occasion.)

Wake Forest University
Old Town Club
Maya Angelou

*This is a bald-faced lie. I went to a university with no football team and a sports center named for a Middle Eastern arms-dealer. School spirit to the degree to which it is taken by ACC alumni is a mind-boggling concept to me.
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