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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An apple a day

Heritage Apples are the apples of our Grandparents and Great-grandparents. Their uses were varied--for drying, frying, fresh eating, Halloween treats, baking, brandy, cider (hard and sweet), vinegar, livestock feed, and much more. The diversity of their shapes, sizes, colors, textures, tastes and times of ripening was amazing. For every early farm family an extensive orchard was essential. As more and more land was settled, a well developed orchard was a sure sign that civilization had reached the American frontier.

These old timey apples are part of our agricultural heritage, but they are rapidly being lost forever. The trees are being cut down and the older people who remember the apple names are passing away. The window to still find and save these wonderful apples is rapidly closing.

Tom Brown will be speaking about his search for "lost" Heritage Apples at local libraries over the next two months. There will also be apple tastings at these events.

September, 23, Lewisville Library @ 7 pm
October 6, Clemmons Library @ 11 am
October 14, Rural Hall Library @ 7 pm
October 21, Kernersville Library @ 7 pm
November 4, Central Library @ 7 pm

Tom Brown's website - "Apple Search"
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