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Friday, August 29, 2008

Spotted at Costco, Hanes Mall Blvd

When we visited our mother's mother in Florida, we'd spend the first evening divvying up the cereal. My grandmother, unfamiliar with our personal tastes, would buy a ten-pack of miniature cereal boxes, one bowl to a box, for my brother and me to share. Many of them were cereals we had at home. Raisin Bran. Corn flakes. Product 19. A few, though, were utter decadence, sweetened, flavored, heavenly, cereals our own mother would never buy. These were the first to be pulled across the small table in the kitchen where we sat during this important ritual. My brother always took Apple Jacks first thing. My hand would snatch Sugar Smacks. The rest of the cereals could go to whomever, neither of us caring particularly, though I did always kind of like getting the Frosted Flakes, too.
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