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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Operation Impact

Operation Impact is a partnership between neighborhood organizations and local government to improve blighted neighborhoods by dealing effectively with nuisance properties.

How do I nominate a property for Operation Impact?

Operation Impact nomination forms can be picked up at the city’s Housing & Neighborhood Services Department. Forms are also available on-line www.cityofws.org/hns. In addition, Community Service Advisors have forms and can provide them at meetings of neighborhood associations.

How much time do property owners have to comply?
Because departments operate under different codes, the time varies by the nature of the code violation. In all cases, however, the shortest period allowed by Housing Services law is stipulated.

How many properties will Operation Impact accept at a time?
Within a given area of the city, no more than 10 properties are enrolled in Operation Impact at a time. This ensures that the team can pay sufficient attention to each property. If more than 10 qualify, a waiting list is started.

What happens once a property is nominated?
Nominated properties are reviewed for compliance with the criteria for Operation Impact. Once a property is added, the Operation Impact team visits the property owner. After the visit, the team gives the property owners a detailed report of code violations violations that must be addressed, and a date by which all must be corrected. After this date, the team conducts a follow-up visit to the property. If the property still is not in compliance, the team pursues other remedies, including court action and fines, as allowed by law.

What about the growing number of tenants and property owners who do not speak English?
The Operation Impact team includes bi-lingual members who can communicate housing standards and rights to Spanish-speaking occupants and owners. All educational materials are available in both English and Spanish.

Operation Impact
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