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Monday, July 28, 2008


Duke Power came out this morning and confirmed it was not an issue of one of the power prongs into the house going out. The front of the house sits in darkness and silence, no fans going, no computer being used as a stereo from the oldest's room. The fridge and the A.C. thankfully must be plugged into the back of the house, because both are running.

I called the electricians, the same ones who hung all the fans and lights and modernized the outlets and such before we moved in. I was given a 2 pm today appointment. I frankly figured I'd be lucky if they showed up before 4, because in my experience contractor time often runs like doctor time.

I ate crow for lunch when they arrived at 1:57.

Kenco Electric Company

update, 2:48 PM: No answers yet, but my money's on "not cheap". Maux Pitte strikes again.

update, 3:28 PM: And it's fixed. And it wasn't terribly cha-ching. Hurray!
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