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Monday, July 28, 2008

And I mean EXACT... (the second version)

Beginning this week, Wednesday's "And I mean EXACT..." will follow a new format.

1. Each photo will still post at 1 pm on Wednesday.

2. Each photo will show at least a piece of a local building. It might be a door, a window, a roofline, etc.

3. To enter, all you need to email me is the name of the building, the business it houses, or some such that makes it clear you know where it is. I do NOT need to know where on the building the shown detail is, where I'm standing, the nearest intersection, etc.

4. You will have until Friday at noon to email me this answer. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON ONLY PLEASE.

5. Before close of business Friday, the winner will be randomly drawn from the correct answers. The incredibly scientific process will involve small slips of paper, a small child or other disinterested party, and a large hat.

6. Here comes the exciting part: the winner will then have until Tuesday noon to select his/her prize from THE EXCITING ARRAY of prizes, which will be shown in photo montage form in the lefthand column.

7. Everyone else gets nothing, but the non-selected prizes stay in THE EXCITING ARRAY, and the selected prize is replaced with a new prize for the following week.

Any questions?
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