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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The State of the State

A partial list of For Sale signs at residences along NC-66 between Poplar Springs and Gap, a distance of maybe 10 miles
  • "used tires"
  • baby chicks
  • dump truck
  • speedboat
  • children's outdoor playground
  • land
  • home for sale by owner
  • RV
  • tools
  • puppies - free
  • car
  • clothes (spread on front lawn)
  • "home put up honey"
  • salt-cured pork
  • refrigerator (sign on front: "works")
It's not as tangible in Winston-Salem (nor in Rural Hall, through which one drives to get to Poplar Springs), but the further away from town one drives, the more palpable it becomes how many families have been unexpectedly cast into desperate economic straits in North Carolina.
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