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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The State Meal

A quote from Michael Hasting's squash article in today's Winston-Salem Journal:

The squash-loving state of Oklahoma -- which cooks Southern even if it's halfway to the West Coast -- even includes stewed squash and tomatoes as a part of its official state meal. (Now if North Carolina had a state meal, I wonder what would it be?)

Well, that question begs an answer. Specifically an answer that consists of an appetizer, a main course, two side dishes, and a dessert at a minimum. Plus a beverage.

I submit my family recipe's pound cake as the official North Carolina state dessert. It's that good. The rest of it, though... I'm not sure. I kinda want to work scuppernongs in, since they are from here, but I think telling visiting dignitaries "You sorta bite the skin, then suck the meat out, but spit the seeds," well, it might be gauche. Possibly.
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