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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pup is a no-go

Someone else got him before Esbette. We left the Guilford County Shelter, from whence my own sweet Salsa came, empty-leashed and consoled ourselves with the sweet treats of a Greensboro Sonic.

Esbette has asked me to throw out her ISO info, so here goes:

WANTED: One (1) pup or young dog with an anticipated adult weight of no more than 35 pounds, breed not important, bonus points for that special mixed-breed, intangible "it" factor. No nervous piddlers, biters, or over-yappers, please. Pup will be an only dog and as such will be showered with attention, love, and fantastical and seasonally appropriate dogkerchiefs lovingly made by Aunt Lucy. Pup must be amenable to enjoying the social graces of other dogs, cats, and children. The occasional creekstomp opportunity will be made available to pup, as will sprinkler runs, should said pup enjoy said activities.

So the next time someone at work/church/that biker bar says, "So... you don't by any chance know of anyone who might want one of the mixed Dachshund - Poodle - Chihuahua - Corgi puppies our dog just had, do you?" please answer with an emphatic, "Yes! I actually do know someone who is looking for a Doodhuagi!"

Then email me.
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