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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Little Girls from Canada

I came home from frolicking with my boys to an email that knocked the wind out of me. A stranger had written from Canada to ask if "The Baptist Hospital" was a good facility, for two little girls this person loves had been taken there, sisters, 9 and 3, now orphans, their parents and another sister killed in a collision while en route to vacation, to happy days and the sandy shores of South Carolina.

And now came the email that helplessly asked, "And it is a good facility?"

It is. It really is. And I don't know what search engine brought me to you, but I am putting this here, too, in case anyone else takes the same path. My heart is with Madison and Jenna, you, the Smith family, and everyone else in your town who knows and loves them. I'm so sorry the girls had to visit my town under these circumstances. They really are in a superb facility.

WFU Baptist Medical Center

EDIT, Monday 8:30 am: an article about the girls (thank you, LiF reader J.T.)
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