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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"I wouldn't bother."

That's what the woman in the Children's Tent at the Earth Day Festival told me when I asked the best way to pot the dwarf sunflower seed the youngest had just planted in dirt. She smiled sympathetically and whispered, "He pushed it down way too far."

And indeed he did push it down as far as his thumb could go. But when we came home, I just couldn't bring myself to pitch it, pot it I did, and I watered it whenever I watered the rest of the garden. Then, after a few weeks, I saw a sprout. So I held my breath and continued the waterings.

This morning I stood next to it and realized that, potted, it's taller than I, in spite of the woman's intro talk of an expected height of no more than 36 inches. Not including the pot, it's probably a good 56". Now I'm just waiting for this to open.

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