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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We aim to bring together communities of health conscious families who care about taking a proactive approach towards the fitness level of their kids. The Fitwize 4 Kids™ Lifestyle Programs — The Fitwize 4 Kids Lifestyle Programs include the Fitwize 4 Kids Circuit Training Program equipment, the Fitwize 4 Kids Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition Seminars and Workshop Series 5 simple tips, special events like Fitwize 4 Kids Kid's Night Out parties, Fitwize Fitness Birthday Parties, group exercise classes (such as Kids Zumba, Kids Pilates, Kids Cardio Kick Boxing, Girls Fitness classes etc.), sports & medical clinics, school field trips, assembly speaker series, & other activities.

Apparently they are about to open - or have opened - near my beloved TJ Maxx on Robinhood. While I think this might be helpful for some children, my own thrive outside. Accordingly, they will stick to mountain biking, creekstomping, firefly catching, and imaginary sword fights on the lawn.

FitWize4Kids, Winston-Salem
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