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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Buena Vista Garden, by Yarddawg

5 feet 2 and eyes of orange

Meet Lola the Kniphofia. No, no I'm (disappointingly) not veering towards an "R" rating here. Lola is a real Kniphofia, or for those of you from Pfafftown, a Red Hot Poker. Let me explain. I have a weakness for these plants and just about anything orange. Put the two together and I'm toast. Although all Knips aren't orange, my favorite ones are. It doesn't mind dry conditions plus it's a great summertime bloomer. I'm certain I've got the biggest bloomers in the neighborhood.

I purchased this plant from Plants Delight Nursery near Raleigh in a tiny 4 inch pot. It was so cute and although I was warned both verbally and in writing to give it plenty plenty of room I failed to estimate what plenty meant. Well it turns out that plenty is not far from the size of an original 1963 VW Beetle.

Plants Delight is, in my opinion, the very best source for perennials in North Carolina and perhaps the entire country. Great variety of plants, great print and online catalog, great mail order and customer service, great website. I recommend going to the website if for no other reason than to read the mail from customers. The mail is classified as Compliments, Hate Mail and Twilight Zone. Another reason is the self proclaimed worlds ugliest hosta named "Out House Delight." A healthy sense of humor is advised. The staff at Plants Delight take their business very seriously but they do not take themselves seriously as you'll discover as you poke (no pun intended) around the site.

Happy gardening. Beat the heat, don't let it beat you!

Esbee note: "I'm certain I've got the biggest bloomers in the neighborhood." Snicker.
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