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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Buena Vista Garden, by Yarddawg

Get Physical and DIY

Yarddawg has noticed a disturbing trend with many seemingly smart and fit inhabitants of our fair city. Hardly anyone does actual yard work anymore but seem perfectly willing to pay to stay fit a local gyms and health clubs. This is especially true with lawn care. (I also have another beef about lawn care that I’ll save for a future rant).

Here’s a hint. Great conditioning, fresh air, sunshine, money saving opportunities and personal satisfaction await you in your own backyard. And for those fortunate enough to have strong, limber-backed, healthy, energetic teenagers also have enormous homegrown resources available to assist and learn some personal responsibility and what sweat equity is all about. In summary, get physical in your backyard, Avoid expensive riding lawnmowers like the plague and eschew the $80 (and rising) per visit yard service racket. Heck that’s a tank of gas in today’s dollars or will be soon. These services belong on golf courses and parks. My only exception is I do use a local service for fertilization and weed and pest control because I prefer not to store dangerous chemicals at home or purchase expensive ,limited use application equipment. Plus it takes much of the guesswork out of when, where and what to spray or apply.

Esbee note: Shhh. This font is too small for Yarddawg to read. I have a gardener. He came with the house. He conveyed. I have no swank gym membership though.
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