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Friday, June 27, 2008

Be a Victim. No, really, BE one.

Seriously, y'all, this may be the coolest opportunity ever! Imagine the conversational gambits you'll get out of this one!

Volunteers Needed for Tornado Exercise

The Emergency Management Department is excited to inform you of an opportunity to participate in a Tornado Exercise that will be held in the Triad Counties. The exercise will occur on Friday, August 1st, beginning at 12:00 noon. The participating medical response and volunteer agencies will include: local hospitals, Emergency Medical Services, State Medical Assistance Teams, American Red Cross, and more.

As we recall the recent tornadoes that affected the triad area, each of us should understand the importance of Emergency Preparedness. This exercise is one of several ongoing efforts to strengthen the medical response capability during emergencies or disasters.

The scenario for this exercise will involve numerous casualties, and requires 120 volunteers to serve as victims. These victims will simulate various injuries, be transported to Forsyth or Baptist Hospitals, and be treated for their injuries. Highly sophisticated medical equipment will be utilized to both transport and treat the victims.

As a volunteer victim, you will have the rare opportunity of witnessing our medical service community in action, along with carrying-out role play. A meal will be provided, and volunteers will have the opportunity to win free gift certificates.

If you, your agency, or organization would like to participate in this exercise, we ask that you sign up via email or call 336-661-6440 by Friday, July 11th. For more information regarding this exercise, go to: www.em.cityofws.org and click on the "Volunteers Needed" link.

Bolding mine, and I only wish I could have bedazzled that passage as well, then thrown confetti on it.
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