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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And I mean EXACT... (XVI)

First person to email me the correct and exact location where I was standing when I took the above phono-photo wins a spectacular prize of unparalleled utility from the plethora of such items that I keep for festive occasions. Specifically he/she wins...

A fake... piece of produce! Slightly larger than a tennis ball and in festive shades of deep red and light green, it's... it's... I have not the foggiest idea what fruit faux this is, if we're being perfectly honest! I do know its light weight makes it perfect for a game of catch at the office, at the beach, at your next backyard bar-b-q! When not in the air, it stores neatly on a corner of your desk. Teachers keep apples there, but you can keep... this! You can sink a bite into life, you can take a bite out of crime, just don't bite your new-to-you whatever-this-is!

As always, click on images for larger versions. As always, Esbette is ineligible to play.
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