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Friday, May 30, 2008

There are not one but TWO

...Seventeen year olds on the Winston-Salem Police Department's Most Wanted Persons list right now. Also, as with so many other things surrounding the WSPD, I feel that list could have a much better name.

The Top 15 (Alleged) Villains On the Loose (#5 and #13 are the younguns)

I also wish the list more often said why these people were wanted instead of just "order for arrest". That makes it sound ridiculously polite, like maybe they neglected to get a form notorized.

All the Wanted Peeps (2369 on today's list)

edit: Scratch that number. Many of the people are listed more than once on that list. One chickie-poo had like five, separate orders for arrest. SHE should be on the Top 15 list.

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