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Monday, May 19, 2008

Local Re-find (a new feature)

Every week our own beloved suemo scours the city and the surrounding area* for yard sales, tag sales, garage sales, etc. I don't. Every week, she sees amazing at amazing prices. I don't. Accordingly she's calling bragging rights.

Once a week, she will be sharing with us some amazing item we who do not make the sale rounds missed by our dismal failure to join in. A photo of this item, the price, and the general location will be posted in the lefthand column.

Today's item: Behold! 25 cents, y'all. Near Shattalon and Yadkinville Rds.

*another reason suemo is taking no prisoners in the "And I mean EXACT..." contest. I've become determined to stump her. Life Goal determined.
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