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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Local Numbers

$556,730,000 = Total Visitor Spending in 2006 in Forsyth County

$2,739,290 = Forsyth County Tourism Development Authority (TDA) Operating Budget for 2008-2009

$272,768.00 = Expected Administrative Expenses for TDA in 2008-2009

$272,768.00 < 10% of $2,739,290

General Rate of Return (Visitor Spending) on TDA expenditure (Operating Budget) : 20,223.88%

Dear Mr. Kaplan:

I appreciate your efforts to ensure that Forsyth County money is being used properly. However the numbers don't support your position. Not only that, but going by the numbers alone, the TDA is indeed one of our community's best investments. I am sure you love Forsyth County as much as I do. Please redirect your love and attention to other ways to better Forsyth County.

Lucy Cash

Ted Kaplan, Forsyth County Board of Commissioners
Ted Kaplan's unfounded concerns about the TDA
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