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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Goodbye EOGs

Today was the last day of EOGs for my third-grader. We celebrated by going creekstomping for a few hours after school.

Sadly more than one person who asked where we were headed (I showed up at pickup dressed to impress in old sneakers and muck-about clothes) had the same follow-up question: What is creekstomping?

creekstomp, also crickstomp
To go walking in a creek in a manner that purposely gets your feet wet. One doesn't leap from rock to rock and squeal when one's foot slips in, for example. This can also be done on horseback (traditionally bareback); again the intention is for the horse to walk directly on the creekbed.

I learned to creekstomp at summer camp in Transylvania County. I spent hours in the creek looking for garnets.

We're here again.
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