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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Buena Vista Garden, by Yarddawg

Esbee note: Yarddawg has decided to grace us with his Buena Vista gardening expertise every Thursday morning.

The Shady Character Currently Showing Off in my Yard

Hosta "Inniswood" starts out early in the season with green leaves and light colored margins. As the season progresses, the leaves turn greenish yellow, almost chartreuse, and the margins turn a darker green. Late summer.early fall the leaves are almost completely yellow.The lady changes her make-up to lure the bees when the light lavender flowers appear.

It performs well in my BV garden. Mature size is 48" wide, 24" tall. Can also be used in a large pot on a shady patio. Nice. Like all hostas it is easily divided and shared.

Hostas are also called Funkia. I call this one the funky hosta.

Esbee note: I resisted the urge as long as I could. I have to say it. Hosta la (Buena) Vista, Baby!
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