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Friday, April 04, 2008

My plans were good

Let the children play outside while I work outside next to them. Garden, playhouse, racket. All were going to be finished this week. But then the rains washed away those plans, leaving us indoors watching old movies and finding previously unseen nooks to curl up in and read.

"The strawberries watered themselves," the youngest said, his face at the window, his chin resting on the sill.

But the playhouse didn't paint itself. The racket didn't finish itself. I ignored the first and concentrated on the second.

This afternoon I will deliver it to Associated Artists where they will decide what to do with it. Eventually, if all goes well, someone may buy it at auction. I oscillate between hoping someone does, my God, how embarassing if someone does not, and hoping nobody does, because then maybe I could get it back, prop it up on the mantle among the children's clay pots and clay animals and clay bits.

Proportions: Racket is 5 feet long. Calaveras are tennis ball halves.

U.S. Davis Cup Block Party - Open to the Public

Sunday, April 6th, 2-5 pm, Hanes Park
(rain site: Benton Convention Center)
detailed information
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