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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Maple Springs UMC

We went to the Maple Springs UMC Missions Fest today. They had more people this year, I think, but fewer food options. I still got my BBQ sandwich and sweet tea, but the children were bereft of cotton candy. Thankfully, the children's entertainment area was, as last year, spot-on.

The youngest surprised us with a spontaneous attempt at climbing the rock tower. The oldest declined when I attempted to sound enthused about this opportunity for him (his exact words: "Are you CRAZY?"), and nobody suggested it to the youngest, who still hasn't quite forgiven me for the upside-down, spinning ride at last year's Dixie Classic, so I was sort of stunned when the youngest pointed across the blow-ups and said, "That. I'm gonna do that." He made it a good five feet off the ground before he froze and had to be pulled off like a kitten on a screen door.

Most of the children's time, however, was spent inside a large, blow-up spaceship, battling with laser guns against other kids and, supposedly, "aliens". Since it was roughly 2000 degrees inside that blow-up, I elected not to stick my head in and verify that claim, so take it for what it's worth.

Somewhere in there, my children are fighting aliens.

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