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Monday, April 21, 2008

And the winner is...

(to the Bonus Winston Newb/Restricted Internet at Work/Location Impaired Persons runner-up contest)
J. Snively

The winning, untitled poem:

Arbor Acrizzle
Surely the shizzle
Dig it, old man
You know the plan
Pop my top
Don't spill a drop
And don't you dare stop
This Pepsi's for my grandhomies
Who've gone before
Keepin' it real

J. Snively's poem was selected from a names-free array of quality entries by none other than our very esteemed, very local guest judge...

(l. to r.) Mr. Bowman Gray II, Mr. Bowman Gray IV, Mr. Bowman Gray I (not shown: Mr. Bowman Gray III)

Mr. Bowman Gray IV

Mr. Bowman Gray IV summarizes his selection thusly: This mystical yet pungent epigram regarding modern day libations should be classified alongside the likes of "Kubla Kahn" and Wordsworth of the late 18th century. This piece might also be compared to an elegiac couplet (Ovidian meter), being as it is reminiscent of famous epos by Schiller, Geothe and in succession Snoop Dogg whose melos from the underrated "Doggy Dogg World" could be felt throughout. But I digress. Suffice it to say that I enjoyed it thoroughly, FOR SCHNITZEL! (Did I get that right?) In closing, I have serious doubt about the possibility of another lyrical ballad of this depth, feeling and texture, much less about a bottle opener, ever being composed again.

With my compliments to the author.

Bowman Gray IV, PhD (Piling it Higher and Deeper)

Congratulations, J. Snively! Truly your red bottle opener keychain from Arbor Acres is well deserved!

As always, prize glory awaits all (except Esbette) every Wednesday at 1 pm!
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