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Thursday, April 17, 2008

And the winner is...

(of this contest)
Erik S

whose winning answer came in at 1:39 PM. Following the lead of Those Who Have Won Before Him, Erik sent a map. Unlike Those Who Have Won Before Him, Erik disabled right-click functionality on his map, so I can't share it with you, but rest assured it is a fine-looking map.

In words, the answer is "At Forsyth Tech, in the top parking lot on the east edge of campus, at the top of the stairs leading to the bottom parking lot, looking toward the back of the Armory parking lot and beyond to Silas Creek Parkway."

Erik selected the green Arbor Acres bottle opener keychain, a wise choice since Green is the New Green.

This means that the poetry winner will get the red Arbor Acres bottle opener keychain. You have until noon Friday to submit your poem to my email. The astoundingly local guest judge will then review the poems over the weekend, pore over them at length with a cuppa, and select the winning poem, which will be revealed here (as will the guest judge's identity) Monday afternoon.

Congratulations again to Erik S! Urban hipster glory is yours!

The rest of you: Ready, Set, Poetize!
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