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Monday, March 24, 2008

Remember the Nigeria scam? It's dead (but needs help getting buried)

No, really. Ask the NC Board of Funeral Service.

FRAUD ALERT!!!! The Board has received a new report of attempted fraud using the relay (TDD) operator purportedly assisting an individual who is hearing impaired. The person making contact wants to arrange the transportation and funeral services for a family member who has died outside of the United States. So far the countries identified by this person are either the United Kingdom or Nigeria. The individual requests a reply with the cost for the services and funeral merchandise and offers to provide a credit card number for the purchase. The individual then directs the funeral home to arrange a wire transfer of money to the burial agent or funeral director in the United Kingdom or Nigeria and charge the credit card for that as well. The credit card numbers appear to be from stolen cards. This has also been reported in South Carolina.
- Current Events announcements dated 2/22/2008
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