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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The owl

I loved the owl sculpture. An enormous thing made of some oxidizing metal, it sat in the park next to Sawtooth for months a few years back. It was for sale for a not unreasonable price, but the logistics weren't as clear - the cost of transporting it, the cost of firmly fixing it, the cost of insuring it and insuring against damage from it. Still, I loved both the owl and the idea of being The Owl House and brought up both often to my husband.

And yet, I never pursued more information, never pursued the owl, and so one day it was gone, completely and suddenly and tracelessly. I might have thought I'd imagined the whole thing had not other sculptures remained rusting artistically in the park for some time thereafter.

top photo: Arbor off Reynolda
bottom photo: Pine Valley off Yorkshire
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