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Monday, March 17, 2008

"Lucy, where are you?"

B. asks.

"I'm on the way, I promise. I swear I'm running behind because of the pollen."

B. laughs, and I can picture her parked in the school driveway in her car, phone on her ear, her littlest in the back seat watching Barbie or something else girly, something else we don't watch in this house.

"Well, what did you do this morning?"

"After I dropped the youngest off, I went in hunt of towels."

"You what?"

"OK, so I bought the oldest and the youngest each a towel maybe a week ago? These really nice towels. At the Maxx. And then over the weekend, I decided I really liked them, and so this morning I went to buy more."

"And did you get them?"

"NO. TJ Maxx was out. So then I tried Home Goods, then Marshall's, but no luck. I found one of the washcloths at Marshall's, that's it."

"Oh, no! So I guess everyone else recognized them as fantastic towels, too, and bought them all up."

I sigh. "I know. I need to go with my gut instinct on these things and buy them when I find them."

B. murmers in assent. "So you got nothing then?"

"No, no. I got a Talavera pig. It's in the car next to me."

"A what?"

"Roll down your window. I'm pulling into the school now. I'll show you."

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