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Thursday, March 20, 2008

And the winner is...

(to this contest)

Amy Farmer!

Her winning answer came in at 3:29 PM.

Many incredibly close answers came in before that, but they referenced the factory parking lot or Thurston Street, neither of which was part of the correct answer, to wit

On Mill Street, with my back to the entrance of the Hanes Mill Outlet, looking across Mill Street.

This week the playing field was dominated by women, no big surprise since the answer featured the best place in town to go bra shopping. I think a number of people were thrown off by the sign in the picture, which indeed used to hang on the front of that business. The day I took the picture, the man was moving it to the side of his building, perhaps to take advantage of all those eyes coming out of the Hanes Mill Outlet.

Congratulations, Amy Farmer!
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