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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And I mean EXACT (V)

First person to email me the correct and exact location where I was standing sitting when I took the above phono-photo wins a prize, yet another quality item from my (get ready for some more mix-up madness) pantry second hall closet. Specifically he or she wins...

A pair of bicycle baskets! You know, bikes today just aren't what they used to be. Gone are the banana seats, the handlebar fringe, the license plates found in the bottoms of cereal boxes, the spoke decor, and, of course, the handy baskets. Now you have the chance to recoup a smidge of yesteryear's bicycle goodness! But wait! You get not one but TWO! You and your ladyfriend (or gentlemanfriend) will announce your truest love to the world when you become poetry in motion on bicycles with matching baskets! These baskets are brand spanking new! Only one has a tag, however; it reads "Let's RIDE"! As you ponder those stirring words, remember to click on images for larger versions. Also remember that as always, Esbette is ineligible to play.
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