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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And I mean EXACT... (IV)

First person to email me the correct and exact location where I was standing when I took the above phono-photo wins a prize, yet another quality item from the bounty of my household larder. Specifically he or she wins...

EVERY giftbag currently in my possession, the grand total of which is lucky thirteen! There's a golf one, a lizard one, a flowery one, even one that one of the children made! Some are brand new, some are used times two, but all are new to you! Plus, as a bonus, a luxurious bottle of wine (or champagne!) gift canister! With a tassle! Bottle of wine (or champagne!) not included! Your friends will be awed and amazed by the beauty of your gift's wrap, and the best part is, they'll never guess what's inside! This fabulous prize package comes to you in a plain, brown bag!

As always, click on images for larger versions. As always, Esbette is ineligible to play.
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