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Saturday, February 23, 2008

WANTED: Staples

It's hard for me to believe Sarah "just" discovered Jiffy. I grew up in a house that always had Jiffy mix ready in the cabinets, a home with a fine, Southern kitchen.

I offered to make Sarah a list of Southern staples one needs, non-perishable items that no Southern kitchen should be without.

She accepted my kind offer, so I immediately called MPB, and in between discussing Easter plans, we came up with the following list to start. We excluded items all kitchens have regardless of location, like rice and spaghetti. Also excluded: anything that requires refrigeration after opening.

Some form of chocolate, preferably baker's chocolate or chips
Some form of cracker you can serve cheese on
Jiffy mixes, including the all important Jiffy cornbread mix
Peanut butter (I say smooth always. Never chunky)
Tea bags: Luzianne first choice, Lipton second
Quaker Oats (in the cylinder, not instant)
Borden's condensed milk, at least 1 can
Crisco (regular, not faux butter)
Lemon extract
Brown sugar
One can deviled ham (I didn't discuss this one with MPB, but I'm putting it out there anyway)

I'll add more as I think of them, but in my fine opinion, one should always have those items on hand.

1 package Knorr beef bullion cubes
1 package Knox unflavored "gelatine"
Karo syrup (thank you, Sharon!)

1 lb dried pinto beans
1 bottle Texas Pete
canned field peas
baking powder
Worchestershire sauce
1 jar of something someone you know "put up" (i.e. home canned)
graham crackers
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