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Monday, February 25, 2008

Overnight Mailbag

Esbee, what a cute picture of you and the mascot! Your face looks swollen. Did the doctor put you on steroids again?

HAHAHAHAHA. No. I'm on Girl Scout cookies.

Hi. I looked and looked in Sunday's paper for an article about the Egg Drop. I can't believe they didn't cover it!

Really? To be honest I didn't read the Journal very thoroughly on Sunday; I only skimmed it, because I lost a week to child illness, and I am crazily behind.

I would think they would cover it, though, since the mayor opened it, WFU engineering department ran it, Don Martin spoke, there were more than 1000 entries representing something like 1200 people, and there were probably a good 5000 people in attendance. Are you sure it wasn't buried somewhere?

EDIT: I found the answer! It was covered briefly as an upcoming event in last Monday's paper.

Does MPB have a blog? Is she really that funny in real life?

No and yes.
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