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Friday, February 29, 2008


"What do you mean you made lunch? You never cook lunch."

"Listen, I've been stuck inside this house basically for 12 days now. Yesterday I caught myself getting out my sewing machine to whip up a stuffed influenza microbe."


"I stopped myself. But still, I'm going nuts. And you are working from home today, so yes, I made lunch, which is why I don't quite get why you are putting your shoes on."

"I thought I'd go eat at school with the oldest. I rarely get to anymore. Plus he's a little down about all the attention his brother's been getting for being sick. Do you think I have time to run over to Chipotle?"

"No way. Um, you could hit Moe's. No, wait, they have a huge line at lunch. Look, I packed him a lunch. Just go sit with him, then come back and eat here."

"I can't go empty-handed! I never go empty-handed!"

It comes to me in a flash.

"I got it! Maximum love impact."


"Gelato. From Cafe Gelato. He will flip. And he can eat it first, then have his sandwich."

"What flavor? Where are my keys?"

"Any flavor. Chocolate if they have it. SMALL. You have cash? She doesn't take plastic."

"Got it, yes."

I open the door, and my husband jogs to his car, a small cooler in hand for optimal gelato transport.

Cafe Gelato
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