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Friday, February 29, 2008

License plate or store name?

The oldest shot up about four inches overnight. That's the only logical explanation. This morning every single pair of pants he put on looked like he was planning a day of clamming. Tonight he and I headed off to Old Navy at Hanes Mall to buy some cheaptastic pants to hold him over until spring and shorts weather.

On the way through the mall we passed the above store. At first I wanted to pull my hair out at the cre8ive spelling. But then I started thinking about how license plates like this don't bother me but business names do. And so I mulled this over while the oldest tried on clothes and while paying for said clothes and while walking past the store again on the way out. Consequently, I wasn't paying rapt attention, and we came home with this.

Happy Friday night, everyone; party like a rock star.
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