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Monday, February 04, 2008


The youngest has taped the above on the living room wall and is calling it his "art show". I can't quite explain the dollar bill, save that possibly it's because it has his favorite president on it.

We'll have many opportunities to make art this month, as the youngest and I are taking a parent-child class together at Sawtooth. It starts tomorrow. We're totally jazzed.

If the youngest were a bit older, I'd sign both boys up for one of these:

8873. Sawtooth Sundaes (K - 5th Grade)
Instructor Du Jour

We will warm up with an exciting art project and cool down with a tasty ice cream sundae! The first ninety minutes will be dedicated to a creative and fun art project. After you are finished, you will be able to design your own ice cream sundae and enjoy it while looking at the art you have created. Bring some friends and have a great Sundae afternoon!
Space is Limited so Sign Up EarlyLocation: Youth 2
1st Sunday of Each Month (2:00-4:00 pm)
$20 per child
Register 3 Children for $50
Section A - 12/2
Section B - 1/6
Section C - 2/3
Section D - 3/2
Section E - 4/6

EDIT: Alert LiF reader Kerri sends along this link for children (and adults) who sadly will not be taking a Sawtooth class starting tomorrow.
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