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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


me: ...(your workplace) was running at 80% due to people out with flu. Every other workplace seems to be running at about that capacity.

him: About 75 percent. I don't know what is worse: Having the flu or being one of the few people who has to work while everybody else has the flu?

me: Having to work while everyone else has the flu. They get to stay in their pajamas and watch Law & Order reruns. You get to work at a frenetic pace while combating acute germ paranoia.

-an email exchange yesterday

Today is the youngest's and my last class at Sawtooth. We won't be there again this week.

6 am found him curled in pain, crying, while I stroked his fevered skin and discussed with my husband what to do. Our house has become a juggling act of can you miss this and can you take that and I need to be here for this and this child needs to go there for that.

The unmentioned third group in the email exchange: the caretakers, whose job it is to watch life pass by while reminding themselves and their patients that it's OK, baby, we'll take another art class together, I promise, the important thing is to rest now.

North Carolina Influenza Update
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