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Thursday, February 28, 2008

And the winning answer is...

(to this contest)

S. Main, bridge going over Classic-40, looking west.

So many of you said Liberty Street that I got confused and had to verify that my notes were correct, that it was indeed S. Main where I took that photo. Hence the delay in announcing a winner.

And now for that winner...

The first correct answer received in my email was that of


which came in at 6:36 PM yesterday.

Another eighty or so of you got it right but were not first.

JoeJon got it wrong but impressively included latitude and longitude coordinates for his wrong answer, which was a nice - and completely man - touch.

Using a time-honored, scientific method that involved scraps of paper and a purple, foam cowboy hat, I randomly selected a runner-up from the other correct answers. In the event that Leatherwing is unable to fulfill his duties, it will fall to

Walter T. Ambrosius

to step in as Official Knower of The South Main Street Bridge 2008. Walter T. Ambrosius will also receive the runner-up condiment to display on his mantle.

In light of the volume and positiveness of the feedback received, "And I Mean EXACT" shall become a weekly occurrence here at Life in Forsyth. It is my newly born Life Dream to make Wednesday afternoons synonymous with unexpected prizes.

Congratulations again to Leatherwing!
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