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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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Pawsh is kicking off 2008 with an exclusive Valentine's Day themed photo shoot for the most pampered of fur kids! Hurry and reserve your spot, as space is limited. Stop into Pawsh to see more photos as well as our gorgeous framed canvas of Rocco, by Jacqueline Gardiner-Veal of Constellation Artworks.

On a related note, the only Animal Emergency and Trauma Center (that I know of) in town has moved, though I only found out when I drove down North Point Boulevard and saw the building empty. I'm so glad I realized it before an emergency happened and I drove like a bat out of hell all the way there, because the new location is clear on the other side of town, at 1600 Hanes Mall Boulevard.

(I would have thought they might have sent a postcard, at least to those who've basically hemorrhaged buckets of money in the North Point location. I believe if I tallied up the numbers, I could have had a yacht. At the very least a dinghy.)

Another gratuitous dog shot, slightly out-of-focus because I was rolling my eyes:

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