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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Readjust, take two

I dread tomorrow morning. The children were just beginning to settle back into the school routine after the winter holiday break, when BOOM! Snow day! Followed by 2 hour delay day! Followed by four day weekend!

On a happy note, the oldest is excited about the Third Grade Biography Project. He has chosen to profile Walt Disney, in whom he developed a lively interest during our recent trip, during which we had the following conversation at least four times.

OLDEST: (dreamily) I wonder what it would be like to own Disneyworld.

ME: It would be awful. You could never enjoy it. You'd be much too busy counting all your filthy lucre.


I'm excited about the project, too, because I fondly remember hurrying through my bath on Sunday evenings so that I could lie on the shag carpet (harvest gold!) in the den and watch The Wonderful World of Disney on TV. The mere sight of Mr. Disney's face would weekly cause me to shriek at full volume, "It's starting! It's starting! You're going to miss it!" to my mother, mere feet away in the kitchen.

My favorite TWWoD memory
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