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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Of all the "Stratford houses"...

This one, at the corner of Stratford and Forest is my favorite. I used to love to ride down Stratford with my father. Although in his eighties, he could tell you the history of each house, which family lived in it "back in the day", who dated whom, who married whom, who had unfortunate scandals...

Late in life, my father lost any qualms about discretion, and so it was not uncommon for him to suddenly pop out with statements like, "Whoo, the dad in that house was a mean drunk!" or, my personal favorite about a house on Country Club that was, according to my father, built by two first cousins who wed, "There's the incest house!" Thankfully he generally refrained from such statements with children in the car, but if he and I were alone, he would regale me endlessly with such local history gems.

I don't think he had any dirt on my favorite Stratford house, though. I add the caveat "Stratford" because as nice as it is, it is not my favorite house in all of Winston. That honor is reserved for the little house at the corner of Summit and Jersey, the house in which my father and his four brothers grew up, a house I have never been inside but have loved ever since my father first pointed it out to me when I was a little girl.
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