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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lowe's Foods, Reynolda Manor Shopping Center

Groceries are odd places. I already knew that people blocking aisles sent shoppers into a lather. (For that reason some I know avoid the local Teeter on Thursdays, Senior Citizens' Discount Day, because they simply cannot shop around the vast number of slower shoppers. Personally, I dig watching little, old ladies take free balloons on the way out.)

What I didn't know was that one fire truck parked outside the front door of a grocery could cause sheer mayhem. Sincerely, multiple drivers acted like there were no other options but to drive that particular way BUT OH NO NOW I AM BLOCKED, looking about helplessly, throwing their hands up off the wheel in gestures of exasperation, seemingly incapable of, say, Going Another Way. One woman pushing a shopping cart stood and waited a few minutes, I guess for the fire truck to move, before pointedly stomping around it, throwing looks over her shoulder at the lone firefighter left in the truck.

So odd. So, so odd.
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