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Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's after five

I don't mean that in a happy, let's-have-a-drink sense.

It's after five, and now Animal Control is closed.

Nobody ever showed up to trap the raccoon in the yard behind mine, the raccoon that is acting off, the raccoon my dogs may or may not have tussled with, the raccoon who showed no fear of me or my three barking dogs, who stared up at me with a glazed expression and a listing posture from the vacant lot behind me, the lot that the little boys on the other side like to play in, the lot that adjoins another neighbor, diagonally from us, who also has three dogs.

I called at 2:00, 2:02, 2:04, 2:06, and only then, did I realize that you can't actually reach a live person at Animal Control, no matter which number you call, that there is no option to push for a live person ever, so I called the police non-emergency number and they were able to reach someone at Animal Control, someone who a few minutes later called me and asked questions in a bored voice, then informed me they would send someone out "whenever they could", which apparently did not mean within an hour or two hours or possibly even on the same day.

The dogs have had boosters at the vet's this afternoon - I was inside when the cacophony of barking started and in fact didn't even go outside to see what the cause was until a few minutes later when I realized it was still going full-force, so I can't know for sure either way, and the vet's position (and mine) is better safe than sorry, especially with something like rabies, which last I checked was pretty much 1000% fatal so not something to really gamble on. $20 a dog, bam, bam, bam, $60 total, and I feel like I've done everything I could to minimize the danger; I just wish someone from the county had felt the same way.

UPDATE, 5:35 pm: A gentleman from Animal Control man just came. He checked my dogs' booster certificates, then astutely pointed out that as it had been three and a half hours since the report came in, he doubted the raccoon was still there, but he'd go look, which he did quickly. Not surprisingly, he did not find the raccoon.

There has to be a better way.
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