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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Home again, home again, bippety bop

It added two hours or so more to our drive time, of course, but so be it.

All of it - the packing, the planning, the prewriting (and showing Esbette how to publish), the traveling, the touring - and this is what I faced yesterday afternoon: a small boy with a small moue.

"It's not right, Mommy. I haven't got any shells."


For all the attention to detail, Walt Disney World's Beach Club Resort lacks shells with which to decorate sandcastles. There is a boardwalk across the water, a lighthouse - which doubles as the dock for the boats that ferry one to the parks - and lots and lots of sand.

But shells, it has none. So today, on the drive home, we simply veered a little more east, to Jacksonville Beach, where the children built sandcastles again, this time decorated with shells. Then they piled in the car and fell promptly asleep, their pockets full of shell bits and their hair full of sand, dreaming of building sandcastles again, which is why I think we may head east that upcoming four day weekend. Unless we could play in the snow and build snowmen. Perhaps. Still not sure.

Anyhow, I won't bore you with the play by play of the last 8 days, 7 nights, but there were two moments I thought about you all while I was gone.

The first was on Sunday morning, when I clicked on the TV, flipped past the resort channels, and came to rest on Orlando's WESH. There, a familiar face greeted me: Aixa Diaz, previously a reporter at our own WXII.

The second was on Monday afternoon, when our family was randomly selected to be a Dream Family (please don't ask) at the Lights, Motors, Action! show at Disney's MGM. Basically we were seated before anyone else, on directors' chairs instead of bleachers, in a cordoned off area marked "VIP seating". In addition, we briefly appeared with the host onscreen in order to start the show by saying "Lights, Motors, Action!" When the host introduced our family and said we were from Winston-Salem, NC, a loud, multi-person "Woo!" went up from the far corner of the stadium. I couldn't possibly see where or from whom, as the stadium was this enormous 5000 person deal. But anyway I was, at that moment, very Winston proud.

That's all. You didn't even realize I was gone, I don't think, so you can't have possibly missed me, but I missed you those two times.

Thanks to Esbette for pushing "publish post" on my prewritten entries once a day, starting with the 12/30 entry on the morning my family and I woke up for the first time in Walt Disney World.

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