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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Home Teeter

This is my "home grocery", the Harris Teeter on Peacehaven just off Robinhood. This is the grocery I know by heart.

I don't enjoy going to other groceries*, even other Teeters. I always go down the aisles the wrong way, ending up with eggs at the bottom of the cart. I feel discombobulated because I can never quickly find what I'm looking for, and inevitably, I think the stores are set up stupidly, lacking the rhyme and reason of my beloved Teeter, even though I know my Teeter is just as crazily arranged as any other store.

*Fresh Market is fun**, but I don't think of it as a grocery, even though I suppose it is.

**except for the crazy hand dryer in the ladies room. It's depressing to watch the aging skin on the backs of my hands move about in waves from the force of the air.
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