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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Get rid of me (again)

After 2 weeks of education-free bliss, students in the WSFCS system head back today for the second half of the year. Back to the grind, back to the...

Oh, hold on here. Waaaait a second. I just realized that according to the school calendar, we have a four day weekend coming up January 19-22. Hmm.

Remembering my reader-suggested trip to Gatlinburg and with the confidence from the DC trip that I can, in fact, toodle all about the land with both boys on my own, I again ask for destination possibilities. That's right, it's another wonderful chance to

Get rid of me.

1. Bear in mind that I cannot do anything about the weather/time of year. That said, we're not sugar, we won't fall apart in cold/heat/precipitation. So take the weather into account, but don't dismiss a location out-of-hand for weather reasons.

2. I'd like to keep drive time to less than or about four hours again each way.

3. This time I would be taking both lads, so factor in a five year old who is sweet and smart but still a work in progress (aren't we all).

4. Bonus points if we can stay in a hotel with a pool. Indoor, obviously, at this time of year.
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