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Sunday, January 27, 2008

For the boy

The boy, I tell you. I AM DOING IT FOR THE BOY.

Once again, Cub Scout Pinewood Derby approaches, and once again, I am fashioning my own vehicle for the Mommy-Daddy Derby, which follows the children's derby. Those who remember last year's car will note that the basic shape, specifically "the wedge", has not changed. This is because my woodworking skills have not progressed during the last year. However, I think this year's entry is still fresh, still astounding, still completely inexplicable.

(It is also still a work in progress, so please disregard the glue cleanup that needs to happen and the touch-up work being screamed for.)

Drumroll, please.

The gravestone reads:

O, la de mi
Amada Esposa
Ma. Pilar
de la Fuente
1 Febrero 1937

Then on the back, there's this:

On an unrelated note, my husband has taken to opening his eyes very wide while sighing.
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