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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Noel Noshies

C&K Bagels, Peacehaven off Robinhood

I just ordered a cinnamon bun wreath for Christmas morning breakfast.

Growing up, my brother and I would fly down the stairs Christmas morning. We'd each have a full stocking to marvel over, as well as our own Christmas Chair. The Christmas Chairs were two formal chairs with arms, each of which would hold a well-displayed array of gifts that were clearly his or mine. The Christmas Chairs sound decadent, but they really weren't. They had a few choice items my mother thought might engage us just long enough for her to sleep in a bit.

After the newness of the Christmas Chairs and stockings wore off, we'd go wake my mother and father up. My mother had a strict rule that we ate breakfast first. Only then could we open the wrapped gifts. I can't remember what the breakfasts consisted of - probably nothing more than eggs or oatmeal or some such - but it seemed to take her forever to make them on Christmas mornings, so frantic were we to get to the present bounty under the tree.
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